Riparian Plaza

Positioned between the river and the city, Riparian plaza is the connecting line to the heart of Brisbane. We were brought on this rebranding project to strategically redefine this central location for the occupants now and into the future.

Reviving an icon

Designed by Harry Seidler, Riparian Plaza has been a defining icon on the Brisbane skyline since 2005. The architecture of the building was designed with connectivity in mind. Connection to the city, river and transport.

Our brand positioning ‘Seamless connection’ highlights this relationship and aspires to connect the building to the current younger occupants and their lifestyles.

Built on the curvature of the river, our brand device is visualised through a line in constant motion, connecting people to place.

The connecting line to the heart of Brisbane

Building strong connections through the use of language and imagery, the brand comes to life with an expansive suite of content including a digital website design, corporate stationery and a luxury information memorandum.

Owning its place

With the brand launched in 2019, Riparian Plaza has cemented its position as the leader in the Brisbane commercial space. Securing new long-term tenancies, and continuing to connect people and place.


Brand Strategy


Video Production


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Visual Design